We are changing the way the world tells and experiences stories.

We create new innovative experiences at scale.


Immersive is an interdisciplinary creative studio with a global team of visual storytellers and creative technologists working together to transform imaginative concepts into ground-breaking realities.

Combining art, science and technology, we defy boundaries to change the way stories are told and experienced. From art installations and exhibitions, VR and AR productions, live events and immersive theatre, we make world-first experiences that amaze and inspire audiences around the world.


We have been working at the forefront of innovative experiential design for over a decade and have established a reputation for developing the use of new technologies to expand the art of immersive storytelling.

We believe in the transformative power of human connection and collaboration. We design and create projects that respond to and interact with the world around us. We want to connect to, and engage with, global audiences not just visually, but also intellectually and emotionally.



Experts in ideation with a limitless approach



We transform abstract concepts into experiential worlds.



Our ideation process involves continuous in-depth research and development, drawing on our past and present projects to conceptualise the future of audience experiences.

This approach allows us to design experiences that not only powerfully resonate with the contemporary culture, but also contribute more broadly to the evolution of the entertainment and art industry.



Building on our reputation for creating world-firsts, we are constantly accelerating our efforts to respond to the world around us and produce immersive design for the future.

Whether it is designing new virtual and augmented realities, transformative installations, live performances or bespoke experiences, our work is linked by a strong commitment to the highest quality and a focus on delivering outstanding audience experiences to the world.



Our mission is to create world-first immersive design for today’s world and the future.



Immersive was founded in London in 2004 and started work on two landmark projects, The Museum of Ulster in Belfast, and the superclub 'matter' at the 02 Millenium Dome in Greenwich. These two projects proved to be a launchpad for showcasing the company capabilities globally; Ulster Museum being a perfect opportunity to create beautiful visual storytelling and 'matter' an incredible testing ground for multiple creative technically challenging explorations in the live-music industry.

The foundation of these two projects led us to work in the international experiential sector for the next 15 years. Since the start, Immersive has brought on board an amazing team of design visionaries, storytellers and creative technologists, all experts in ideation, approaching each project as an opportunity to expand the horizons of what possible.

Over the years, our portfolio has expanded to include a diverse collection of projects at varying scales. We developed video-mapping for the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympic Games as well as the pixel-mapping at the closing ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics. We have worked with several world-tours for artists such as Bon Jovi, Andy Lau, Jason Mraz, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, and Eric Prydz.

Brand works include a VR dome experience for BP, LED video mapping for MINI and a hologram theatre production for IWC Schaffhausen. We collaborated with Adidas on their immersive event for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil and created the UK's first-ever live-broadcast projection mapping event for Stand Up 2 Cancer on Channel 4.

More recently, we created the concept design of the Universal Sphere with Fosters + Partners, executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

We have just delivered a series of large-scale immersive experiences for one of the main pavilions at the World EXPO 2020 in Dubai, and we are developing nine new permanent exhibitions for Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Over almost two decades, we have been busy creating the most evocative experiences in the world - let's work together and create more!

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We are now a certified carbon neutral organisation! We completed our first carbon audit for the 21/22 Financial Year for our London, Shanghai, and Ottawa studios. This means that we have measured our current Co2e, started to reduce our usage and have used an offsetting scheme for the remainder of our emissions. We worked with CreativeZero and Carbon Footprint to achieve this goal and we are now working on an action plan to further reduce our emissions and to eventually become a Net Zero organisation.