“50-50” Digital Art Installation

A multi-screen digital artwork by John Munro, commissioned on behalf of the UN Science Policy Business Forum, part of the United Nations Environment Programme.

UN Stockholm+50 Summit, Sweden, UN General Assembly, NYC, USA


“50-50” is a new digital art installation by acclaimed artist John Munro, Founder of Immersive International. “50-50” was first unveiled to the public in June, 2022 at Kungstradgarden, Stockholm and was displayed at the UN Headquarters in New York City during the UN General Assembly in November, 2022. It reveals the unheralded positive impact of human climate action on the earth’s biomes and key biodiversity areas.

50-50 was commissioned by the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum (SPBF), part of the UN Environment Programme and art patron Jonathan Lett to commemorate fifty years of environmental action.

Featuring an audio composition by sound artist Giovanni Agusta, 50-50 uses virtual landscapes and abstracted sculptural forms as a canvas for datasets illustrating the achievements and impact of the UN’s Environmental Programme in Key Biodiversity Areas over the past five decades.

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