Andy Lau – “My Love”

A world tour, featuring 3D character animations and spectacular kinetic screen visual content.

Hong Kong


Andy Lau is a canto-pop legend, actor and film producer.

For his 2018 world tour ‘My Love’, we were asked to create over 30-minutes of spectacular, ultra high-resolution video content to be played across multiple large-scale kinetic screens.

We worked in close collaboration with Andy Lau’s in-house team to develop and deliver their ambitious vision which aimed to represent different forms of love.

To reflect the romantic theme, we developed a unique aesthetic, resembling the style of oil painting.

We also created complex three-dimensional character animations, based on 3D scans of Andy Lau himself.

The content was designed to stylistically harmonise with the music whilst creating a beautiful and dynamic visual environment that immersed audiences in the world of Andy Lau.

The stage became a character brought alive and commanded by Andy for a unique and bespoke bespoke spectacle.

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