BMW Hologram Race

The world’s first holographic car race.

Munich, Germany


The BMW hologram race was a live on-stage car race held in the BMW Welt auditorium in Munich as part of a gala dinner for 200 of the world’s top BMW dealers.

Working in collaboration with The Department, we devised a performance which showed BMW’s i8 Roadster racing against an advanced moving hologram of the brand’s future concept electric car iVision Dynamics.

The production involved real-life theatrics and laser- guided platforms that moved the cars on stage in a beautifully choreographed sequence to match the hologram’s movements.

Inspired by design sketches, electricity, and simulated shapeshifting particle- based animations, the visuals played out alongside twin brother actors who appeared to ‘magically’ walk between the audience and onstage.

The production was the world’s first holographic car race, taking the concept of an immersive theatrical experience to the next level.

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