Comcast Universal Sphere

A ground-breaking installation showcasing cutting-edge technology and design.

Philadelphia, USA


In collaboration with leading architecture firm Fosters + Partners, we were asked to develop an immersive installation that would celebrate the incredible work happening in Comcast’s new headquarters in Philadelphia.

Our concept for the spherical-shaped sculpture was designed to sit harmoniously alongside the existing works on display by Jenny Holtzer and Conrad Shawcross, whilst also providing viewers the unique opportunity to enter into Comcast’s dynamic world of invention.

The permanent installation invites visitors to step inside the pure form, and into a globe of mesmerising visuals, which were conceptualised and created with world-renowned film-maker Steven Spielberg.

The completed installation was built by our recommended construction team, and is a stunning showcase of not just Comcast’s cutting-edge technological developments, but also interdisciplinary collaboration at the highest level.

Thanks to Russel Hayes at Foster and Partners for realising our shared creative vision on this project.

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