Epic 2.0

Updated stage design and tour visuals for Eric Prydz’s world tour.

The first Epic we did with Eric Prydz became such a cult classic that he asked us for a smaller version of the install for Epic 2.0.

The installation design carried the same brutalist architectural theme of the first Epic, but we designed the set with LED to provide greater impact when combined with the lasers, hologram and the lighting rig.

We also refreshed the content with new tour visuals that continued the theme of the man-made in nature in parallel with how nature influences the man-made.

Our intention was to form a completely unique aesthetic that together with his music could create a specific mood or awaken memories within people.

We accomplished this through a design process that referenced traditional techniques and repurposed them through modern day software and hardware to create a new and fresh visual outcome altogether.

The Epic sensation that cemented Eric Prydz into the live electronic music performance hall of fame had started as Epic 2.0 was rated one of the Must-See Live Shows of 2014 by Mixmag.

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