Design and production of Eric Prydz’s first EPIC world tour.

World Tour

Our second install for house music superstar Eric Prydz is another project that showcases the effectiveness of our holistic design process.

We led the installation design, creative direction and production, and technical R&D, to create a show that was memorable and inspiring.

We produced 90mins of set specific 3D animation and the Official Promo video: Niton.

The installation included rotating set pieces, a hologram, and two large set pieces that were lowered into the stage near the end of the 2 hour long AV set.

These all had a relationship between each other that was visible in the animation and how it all worked in time with Eric’s music.

The set-specific animations take a retro juxtaposition of design styles based around mixing faux-analogue techniques from the past with imagery and subject matter from the present and future.

It created a cult following for Eric and generated tons of user videos of the concerts on YouTube.

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