Eric Prydz: Epic 3.0

A site-specific live music show featuring the world’s largest hologram.

New York, USA


Eric Prydz, the world-renowned Swedish DJ, record producer, and musician asked us to design a colossal site-specific introduction installation for his one-night-only EPIC 3.0 show at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York.

Following on from the success of our collaborations on the artist’s previous EPIC tours, we reimagined the futuristic space-like visual style that had been present in the earlier tours, but pushed EPIC 3.0 to have a slightly darker edge.

The intro included a requested scan of Eric’s face to animate his opening audio.

The animations are made to build and grow constantly right up to the high-intensity finale of the intro.

The 3D holographic pieces spread to the large-scale back wall LED screens and along the full structure.

The animations then travelled forwards through space, seemingly powered by the energy of the hologram in the centre of the stage.

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