GREAT Festival of Creativity

Projection mapping show for the opening of the UK trade mission to China.

Shanghai, China

We were asked to create and technically produce a projection mapped opening to the UK trade mission to China – the GREAT Festival of Creativity.

Prince William made the opening speech and then hit a button to start our ceremonial projection introduction.

The animation we created followed the branding guidelines of United Kingdom Trade and Investment.

Each of the three segments highlighted an industry of focus for the trade festival, using a single, dominant colour to distinguish the themes; the first section ‘Luxury, Fashion, & Design’ in hot reds, the second ‘Education & Healthcare’ in clean whites and the third, ‘Innovation & Technology’,  in cool, high tech, blues.

The video ended with the three sections combining on screen, creating the British flag and displaying the festival logo.

The animation was created specifically to fit the architecture of the famous Long Museum in Shanghai, onto which it was presented with depth-based illusions to give the sense that the structure of the building itself was changing shape.

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