London Summer Olympic Games

The largest and most prestigious sports event in the world.

London, United Kingdom


The Summer Olympic Games is the world’s most significant sports event, in which thousands of athletes compete for their nation.

We were asked to create immersive audience experiences for both the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2012 edition of the games held in London’s Olympic Stadium.

Working alongside TAIT Technologies, we transformed the stadium’s seating into a giant video screen using 70,500 pixel tablets, which played bespoke animations mapped by our custom-made media server Ai.

We used 37 Ai Media Servers and 4 Sapphire-MIDI Controllers to control the video on the 70,500 pixel tablets situated within the audience seating, as well as to control all LED and projection screens throughout the stadium.

This large-scale installation was complemented by further animations for five Spice Girls London taxis, four Freddy Mercury moving projection screens, Coldplay’s live stage production and all of the stadium’s IMAG screens.

Our ‘landscape screen’ was recognised by the Guinness World Book of Records as the ‘World’s Largest LED Screen’, and remains one of our most monumental projects.

Special thanks to Dave Green, Trey Harrison, Mark Calvert, JB Toby, and Martin Harvey.

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