Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Immersive and interactive experiences for 9 installations in the world’s leading aviation and space museum.

Washington DC, USA


Immersive International worked with the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Haley Sharpe Design  and other key partners over 5 years to deliver the museum’s West Wing Gallery renovations that embrace immersive and interactive experiences, that are set to entertain and educate visitors for decades to come.

Immersive International directed and produced media content and interactive experiences on 9 different installations across the gallery including highlights such as:

Walking on Other Worlds in the Exploring the Planets Gallery – a 360° Panoramic media experience that explores the surfaces of seven “other worlds”, allowing visitors to feel as if they are able to walk on those worlds.

Understanding Planet Earth in the One World Connected Gallery – a highly interactive experience where visitors control one of three screens to retrieve facts about Earth science and connectivity paired with animated linear media content.

The Globe – Positioned as an anchoring centrepiece within the One World Connected gallery, this installation is a ten foot, projection-mapped, photo-realistic recreation of planet Earth. The media content portrays data-driven visualisations in a compelling way showing interconnected satellite networks, human population density, hundreds of animal migration routes, and thousands of international flight paths

Additionally, Immersive International created content for multiple large-scale media pieces in the Early Flight Gallery, Tour of the Solar System Gallery and The Winner’s Circle Gallery that used a combination of 3D animation, motion graphics, and archival imagery to create evocative and educational content to attract visitors.

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