Red Box

Virtual showroom design for Kia Motors.

Birmingham, UK

We were asked by Laing Gale and Associates to create an animated stage set for Kia Motors’ yearly conference in which they were to present their updated brand and car showrooms to European partners. We took the idea of transforming the car dealerships literally and created many interchanging backdrops for the minimal set.

The notion of transformation and change was clear with a complete set transformation every 10 minutes.

We designed 15 new shifts in the set to accompany new cars, different speakers, and various brand messages.

We used a typical image of a car dealership as a starting point: a fairly anonymous, corrugated grey steel architecture.

We then communicated that Kia could break through this lacklustre state using the same design thought and process that is used to build their cars.

Robotic pneumatic arms reached and punched through the set removing the grey corrugated sections and flipping/replacing them with bold, glossy red panels.

An appropriately rousing soundtrack and sound effects heighten the experience.

The four older Kia models drive on stage right and finally, we revealed the new Red Box concept.

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