Permanent LED-installation and 5 hours of visual content for venue in trendy 1912 nightlife district.

Jiangsu, China


REX nightclub was designed for lounge lovers, with no space for a dance floor.

It was intended to be a space to relax, offering exceptional table service against the backdrop of our bespoke LED installation that complimented and heightened the effect of the music.

We seamlessly integrated the built installation into the back wall and designed both sections to offer the potential to be mapped in a number of interesting looks.

The content was created to be played-back in a number of different ways for different tempos.

As the nightclub was frequented by a regular clientele, we ensured that the variety of visuals and their application meant the club’s atmosphere could efficiently transform in a multitude of ways and develop as the night progressed, whilst still maintaining the overarching theme of ice and fire.

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