An interactive, semi-permanent installation created for the Southbank Centre.

London, UK


Located in the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall, this installation needed to be eye-catching, dynamic and entertaining.

We specially coded motion-sensing cameras which allowed children to playfully interact with photos of guests that were live input into snowflakes that tumbled down the screen.

For content, we used drawings and models that local school kids had made and animated them to travel across a ‘living’ forest.

The imagination of the children’s drawing made it appear truly ‘magical’.

We also programmed and installed an Ai Media Server for Screenplay, which went on to be used on other shows within the Southbank Centre.

Thousands of  children loved scanning in their work and seeing it appear on the screen.

This project was very influential internationally and saw many variations developed by other design companies for more than a decade later.

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