The Alchemist – The Secret Life of Isaac Newton

Hologram theatre show blending cutting-edge immersive design and technology with live performance.

Xiangyang, Hubei Province, China


The Alchemist – The Secret Life of Isaac Newton, an ambitious new production combining live performance and technology, bringing together traditional theatre design, animation, projection and holographic content. The permanent production is one of the main attractions at the brand-new Valley of Wonder Theme Park in Xiangyang, China.

Inspired by the life and work of Isaac Newton, the show transports audiences to an incredible world of scientific discovery. Set in the late 1600s, we join Isaac at Cambridge University, struggling to finish his latest book on gravity, and consumed by a quest to transform metal into gold: Alchemy. Isaac develops a theory that gold was originally created by powerful explosions in the stars and sets out to build the world’s most advanced machine, and replicate that process, triggering the start of a fantastical adventure.

Working in close collaboration with Shenzhen Magic Show Culture Technology (深圳魔秀文化科技有限公司) and the Valley of Wonder (襄阳华侨城奇幻度假区) theme park, Immersive International was responsible for all creative and technical elements of the production since its conception, conceiving, writing, producing, directing and designing all elements from concept through to delivery.



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