The Storyteller

Vibrant, animated visual narrative for the Festival of Light in York.

York, United Kingdom

Every year the city of York hosts a Festival of Light, and together with our long-time collaborators Gaia Nova, we scripted, filmed, animated and projected a fun tale of Viking history that reached into the rich past of York for its inspiration.

We used the canvas of the York Museum to tell a tale of old, and focus on local history.

We picked up on the story of Eric Bloodaxe who was a Viking who fought his way to become the king of Norway and later the king of England, ruling from York.

We took this rather unsavoury character’s tale and made it into a comedy.

We told the story of a Viking who struggles with the fact that he is such a good fighter, he could not be beaten even though all he wants to do is die in battle and go to the never-ending party that is his heaven, Valhalla.

We stretched the project’s small budget to create an engaging and memorable experience for visitors.

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