Window on our World

Permanent immersive installation with 360 projection mapping, film and animation.

Belfast, Ireland


We worked closely with the Ulster Museum to create a 360 degree installation in a four level atrium.

Early inclusion allowed us to write the 10 visual treatments to the initial visual narratives, hold client workshops, and design the storyboards as well as all animations and audio.

We also installed all the projectors and speakers.

We created ten spectacular 5 minute-long, 360 degree, 3D animations and films that wrapped around the surrounding four walls of the gallery hall and played via an automated timeline.

The measure of success in a permanent cultural project like this is whether and to what extent the work is future-proof.

We strongly believe the key to effective visual storytelling is creating for a genuine, artistic reason rather than a stylistic fad.

Over 12 years later, the Ulster Museum content is still as relevant and impressive as the day it was designed.

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